Color me happy...

Babe got into an awesome elementary school. With all the time and effort we put in you would think it was a college but no, it only goes up to 8th grade. It's a wonderful Montessori that is literally right around the corner (half a mile away). It was a lotto, in fact she was entered into may lotteries
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one of which had her wait listed at #156. This August Babe will be decked out in super cute uniform learning a second language. Yay!

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Me: "Do you know how much I love you?" Babe: (silence that could make a vow of silence proud). Me: "To the moon and back." Me: "Do you know how much I love you?" Moon: "Yes." Me: "Wait, where are you going?" Me: "Do you know how much I love you?" Sun: "TO THE MOON!" Me: "And back!"
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I'd ask the cat too, but that would require finding him, waking him, making him look at me, and then the impossible, listening.



I had 2 posts planned for today one on the kids daily flash mob that is WAY more flashing and a lot less tax evasion and another post about how our backyard is a ladybug breeding ground and all the other critters that are as equally interested as me. Yes, alligator lizards do bite; no I won't tell you how I know. 
Another fact, I AM allergic to pulling weeds. All of this was swarming around my brain awaiting a computer and then I saw this video. 


The 5 stages of unpacking ...

Oh man, first it was denial, no way do we own this much stuff and no way will it take me a week to unpack, then it was aahhh for the love of ice-cream sandwiches why do we own so much stuff?! Next, I had the well, maybe I can donate some more and live off less, then it was maybe if I don't get out of bed it will
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magically unpack itself. Finally, I've reached the yes; we own a lot of stuff, stuff that makes us happy. Hope your Easter was egg-cellent!


We bought a house.

Escrow closed, we have keys, window treatment appointment tomorrow, boxing things, then moving on Saturday. I've informed our kiddos of the impending relocation, but they just seem to be more interested in the new found freedom of the packed up baby gates. Moral of the story as seen through the eyes of a child;
everything is always awesome, play on. The adventure that is our life is entering a new chapter, we might need to warn the cat.